FOCUS is a Professional Construction
Project Management and Quantity
Surveying Company which operations
footprint covers South Africa and selected locations outside of the borders of
South Africa into the rest of the continent and the Middle East.

Our approach outlines the comprehensive, proactive service that the company provides. It also highlights the primary issues which are considered throughout the project from inception to completion, stressing the importance of the relationships between the parties that form the development team.

In a vastly changing landscape we are at the forefront of development, taking on new projects and managing them with a holistic view in mind.

Our service offerings are holistic and we keep the focus on the bigger picture.

Our brand has become synonymous with its successful and thorough Project Management and Quantity Surveying approach.

We take pride in our developments and have worked on large and smaller projects across Africa.


ISO 9001 Certified Organisation

FOCUS is a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor


FOCUS complies with codes of international best practice and is associated with the following professional bodies: