Each and every project is important, but healthcare ones are a tad more so than others because of their contribution to saving people’s lives.

The construction period on this project was exceptionally tight because of client operational requirements. This Cath Lab at our client’s hospital had to be upgraded over a very short period of time so that the time out of commission for this critical medical facility is kept at an absolute minimum.

The entire project team appreciated this and pulled together to achieve the planned Practical Completion Date. FOCUS PM are proud to have been involved in this project as Project Managers and Principal Agents. It was not without its challenges, but the will and efforts shown by the team saw it through.

To the client, thank you for entrusting us with such a huge responsibility. To the rest of the project team, you are the real “A-Team”. To many more together!

We pray that this final product we delivered together can go on and save many lives.


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